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Salisbury Community Hub


Since opening it’s doors in 2019, the Salisbury Community Hub has created a cultural heart for this diverse and vibrant community. Engaged from the project outset (just how we like it!), Piñata created an identity, interior and exterior wayfinding, library collection signage and cultural/interpretive graphics. 

The crux…

We love finding what makes a project unique, and this project had it in bucketloads. One of the most culturally diverse suburbs in Adelaide, inspiring natural surroundings, an intriguing history/future story of commercial industry, architectural design with a focus on flexible spaces… that’s a lot to unpack! The result is an identity, signage and graphics that layer and weave through the space, creating meaning and function as they go.



City of Salisbury




Jack McConnell Architecture Award (AIA)

Commendation Interior Architecture (AIA)

Salisbury 01.jpg

Connection + activation

A key client aspiration – activating the town square. Our response – signage that just won’t sit still. Building signage can be programmed to change colour and ‘dancing’ sculptural lighting is activated by motion sensors. Civic wayfinding signage connects pedestrians to green spaces and the wider precinct.

With flexible spaces comes flexible signage…

Stacking block signs are designed to be smart - swap or move to respond to a change in the environment. Within this system, spaces and services are colour coded and paired with icons to create a succinctly universal wayfinding system with a multicultural audience in mind. 


Acknowledging the past, looking to the future…

Salisbury has a fascinating layering of culture and history. Our feature graphics recognize the Kaurna and Colonial past and celebrate the many cultures in the current community. Unique to the project is the building’s proximity to the city cemetery. Interpretive signage offers context and understanding of the site’s significance of those who came before us. 

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