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Higher Courts Redevelopment


The 1839 Supreme Courts building is one of Adelaide’s most impressive public buildings, built to reflect the importance of justice in the legal system. Over time additions were made, and in 2020 a $31M redevelopment of the Higher Courts was completed to provide a criminal court and refurbished facilities. 


A comprehensive wayfinding signage system was required to enable public, judges, juries, lawyers and staff to understand and navigate the courts complex. The signage was to be ‘futureproof’ and rolled out across multiple sites and conditions. Scope included internal/external wayfinding, signage to courtrooms, judicial chambers, prisoner cells and jury rooms.


HASSELL/Courts Administration Authority




Jack McConnell Architecture Award 2020


The signage is sophisticated in it’s simplicity.

Clean, crisp lines and solid colour creates contrast against heritage walls and timber, creating beauty and gravitas. Designed to be seen and not seen – signs are there when you need them, otherwise falling back to let the architecture steal the show. Both internal/external finishes marry into the signage, paint is matched and sandstone-pavers anchor totem signs.

Signage is modular to allow signs to be added as needed.

Lifts are numbered, forming landmarks where previously there none. Messaging is presented with consistency and universal icons, creating clarity within a high stress environment.

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